Charles Bernstein

Graça Capinha on Régis Bonvicino's New Utopia

“what to tongues is denied”
a nova utopia [the new utopia]
by Régis Bonvicino (S.Paulo: Quatro Cantos, 2022)

Ezra Pound's name was the first to echo as soon as I started reading this book. Not because of his political options, since the new utopia is at the antipodes of Poundian fascism, but because this is the kind of poetry that the American poet wanted for his modern epic: a poetry that is "hard and dry". And, indeed, later in the book, in a poem about the emerging fascisms of the present day, Pound and his work are the object of reflection by Régis Bonvicino, the Brazilian author of the new utopia. Ironically, instead of the Poundian "make it new", the poem carries the title "Make it old" (101-104).

Witz: complete run on EPC

WITZ, edited by Christopher Reiner: complete run of pdfs
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Behnaz Amani in peril in Iran

a letter is solidarity

Several months ago a group of American poets  signed a letter in solidarity with jailed Iranian poets. In the meantime, the Iranian Writers Action Committee, a new organization, has been set up by Iranians outside the country. They have compiled an extensive list of writers who are in danger. You will find Behnaz Amani on this list. Our initial letter was not designed to get media attention in the U.S.

Charles Bernstein and Richard Tuttle's 'Echologs'

Charles Bernstein and Richard Tuttle, Echologs

After the poetry match in Virgil’s Eclogues, III

with an appendix comparing earlier translations.

To all’s high, guys! everything that echoes!,
what gives ground and by Jove’ll cure our songs.

But it’s me that beauty loves!; all her charms
surround, crowns of sweetest ruddy roses

Eco in Italia (Italian Echo)

Milan, photo by Susan Bee

A chronicle of the launch of Eco/Echo, from New York to Milan to Rome to Naples to Catania.

, ed. Carla Buranello with Italian translations by Buranello, Gherardo Bortolotti, Luigi Ballerini, Marco Giovenale, and Milli Graffi (Milan: Il Verri, 2022).