Talkin' Politics of Poetic Form (the recordings)

25th anniversary

New at PennSound (site link for these recordings)

a series of talks I curated in 1988 at The New School (New York) and collected in The Politics of Poetic Form, Roof Books (1990): paper from SPD,  Kindle edition for $3.99

Prologue: IPS Talk by Charles Bernstein (1981)
With P. Inman, Lynne Dreyer and others
Preliminary to the PennSound recordings of the New School talk, this is a recording of a 1981 presentation at the Institue of Policy Studies in Washington, DC., part of a 1981-1982 series called "Politics and Language" that also included talks (not recoded) by James Sherry and Bruce Andrews.
note: recording is incomplete
(1:25:47): MP3

Jerome Rothenberg, "Ethnopoetics & Politics / The Politics of Ethnopoetics"
September 30, 1988

  • complete recording (2:01:24): MP3

Bruce Andrews, "Poetry as Explanation, Poetry as Praxis"
October 8, 1988

  • complete recording (2:05:48): MP3

Erica Hunt, "Notes for an Oppositional Poetics"
October 14, 1988

  • talk - (38:04): MP3
  • discussion (1:30:18): MP3

Nicole Brossard, "Poetic Politics"
October 21, 1988

  • part one (48:39): MP3
  • part two (54:01): MP3

Jerome McGann, "Private Poetry, Public Deception"
October 28, 1988

  • complete recording (2:07:54): MP3

Susan Howe, "Encloser"
November 4, 1988

  • introduction by Bernstein (7:10): MP3
  • complete recording (1:49:20): MP3

Ron Silliman, "Canons and Institutions: New Hope for the Disappeared"
November 11, 1988

  • talk (1:12:23): MP3
  • discussion (50:01): MP3

Rosmarie Waldrop, "Alarms & Excursions"
November 18, 1988

  • talk (1:13:53): MP3
  • discussion (46:36): MP3

Charles Bernstein, "Comedy and the Poetics of Politcal Form"
December 21, 1988

  • talk (1:04:00): MP3
  • discussion (1:06:30): MP3

Of related interest, talk series I curated on PennSound:
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Nathaniel Mackey's "Sound and Sentiment, Sound and Symbol"
presented at St. Mark's Talks on April 24, 1985
was also included in the Roof book; recording on that page.

"Language and Politics" a forum with Jackson Mac Low, P. Inman, Hannah Weiner, James Sherry, and Nick Piombino
St. Mark's Talks on Oct. 25, 1984
was also was the basis for several short essays included in the Roof book. Recording on that page.

Recorded by Charles Bernstein. © 2012 Charles Bernstein and the authors. These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. Used with permission of the editor. All rights to this recorded material belong to the editor and authors. Distributed by PennSound.