Janus Pannonius Prize: photo play

Géza Szőcs and Enikő Bollobás awarding prize to Charles Bernstein in Pécs, Hungary, August 29, 2015

photo: Dorin Tudoran

Hungarian Pavillion, Milan Expo 2015, August 27

PEN_Janus_Pannonius_Poetry_GP_ENG from OPINION-TV on Vimeo.

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This elegant ten minutes, with numerous distinguished gentlemen and some women, features the Janus Pannonius Grand Prize for poetry (aka "Nobel Prize for poetry") and its being awarded to Charles Bernstein in 2015. Note, among others, Gerard Depardieu at 1:24--1:52, Charles with others on his "Norwegian" poem (3:52--4:03), Charles' "unexpectable" / "unexpectedness" (7:10--7:25) -- as well as his Donneresque posture at 8:02--8:04 :). Bien sur, Yves Bonnefoy, 2:47--3:08, n'est plus, neither the admirable "lioness" Simin Behbahami, 10:16--10:32. -- As for whether all this is "pointing towards a new way of civilization" -- I just hope so.