Synonym for Untitled: Andrew Lampert at Whitney, March 15, 2013

Lampert and maitre d' -- Monica de la Torre

from the Whitney description:
.. a dinner length performance at the Whitney Museum, but specifically in their restaurant, Untitled. It features the participation of poet Mónica de la Torre, musicians Okkyung Lee and C. Spencer Yeh, and Felix Bernstein. Chef Chris Bradley has created a menu based on a list I made that pairs artists in the Whitney’s collection with ingredients (Ellsworth Kelly is an anjou pear, R.H. Quaytman is potato chips). SYNONYM helps to celebrate the release of a limited edition 7-postcard set of my photographs being issued by the Whitney.


Inspired by the Whitney’s offices, storage spaces, shop, and its restaurant, Untitled,  Andrew Lampert presents an immersive evening of live performance and culinary invention. In Lampert’s words, the evening will be an earnest attempt to forge a new model for museum-going that, at long last, acknowledges the café and bookstore as primary components of an audience’s experience. A dinner-length experiment, SYNONYM FOR UNTITLED is built around a tasting menu specially prepared by Chef Chris Bradley. Lampert created a grocery list/score for Bradley that makes associative pairings between artists in the Whitney’s collection and ingredients (Ed Ruscha is butter, Robert Mapplethorpe a jalapeno pepper). Neither a reality show nor dinner theater, the event features contributions from poet Mónica de la Torre, cellist Okkyung Lee, and violinist C. Spencer Yeh. Expect multi-sensory stimulation and simultaneity galore.


Lampert with Zazie

Susan Bee & Melinda Shopsin

Okkyung Lee & Felix Bernstein


museum tour (with Kippenburger)