Ian Probstein’s Mandelstam translations: videos

from Centuries Encircle Me with Fire: Selected Poems of Osip Mandelstam. (Academic Studies Press, 2022)

"Stalin's Epigram" (November 1933) read in the original Russian by Ian Probstein, 2014. See notes on and translations of this poem by Probstein and others at Jacket2."Stalin's Epigram" (1:04): MP3

Jerome Rothenberg / Ian Probstein Osip Mandelstam's "The Horsheshoe Finder" 11/05/2022: MP4
Ian Probstein Osip Mandelstam Impressionism 11/05/2022: : MP4
Basil Lvov /Ian Probstein Stali's Epigram, Octaves and other poems 11/18/2022: MP4
Basil Lvov/ Ian Probstein Hagia Sophia and other poems 11/18/2022: MP4
Osip Mandelstam's recording / Ian Probstein's reading his translation "No, I haven't been anyone's contemporary": MP4
Charles Bernstein /Ian Probstein To the Memory of Andrey Bely 12/20/22: MP4
With Ari Barbalat on Oct. 2023 for subsequent podcast: MP4

See also: Ian Probstein Presentation of the book Centuries Encircle Me with Fire at the Yorkville Public Library under the auspices of the Russian-American Cultural Center 05/03/2023: MP4 (This presentaton includes some of the files above).

Probstein and Charles Bernstein at the Russian Samovar, New York, with Russian translations of Bernstein by  Probstein, reading from Zeno's Way: YouTube: MP4; PennSound archive: MP4