Bern Porter -- Found Poems

Porter in his gallery

Sibyl, Sibila's English language portal, has just published Joel Lipman's illuminating introduction to Bern Porter's Found Poems, which is just out from Nightboat. 

Read the full introduction here.

In conjunction with the publication of the book and Sibyl's publication of the introduction, Lipman has made available a set of Porter images, which I include here. Photos by Lipman  and Tom Barden, taken  1998-99.

Porter ntbk
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2-page landscape spread from Porter's travel journals, India 1982. From the Special Collection at Colby College.

Porter newspaper clipping
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Porter RJ 1993 List: Bern Porter's letters and demands were regularly published in the Belfast Republican Journal. Image from the "Bern Porter Collection," Special Collections at Colby College, Porter's undergraduate alma mater.

Bern Poter in Belfast
Porter outside his Beflast, Maine, house in 1998

Bern Porter found sculpture
found sculpture (in his back yard)