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an alferienne cinematography 

and to begin with, bare, your sentence, I want you bare, and having for purpose just existence

Pierre Alferi (April 10, 1963 – August. 16 2023)

Jean-Jacques Poucel, Anne Portugal, Alferi, Cole Swenson at NYU April 25, 2014 (photo © Charles Bernstein)

Pierre Alferi died yesterday in Paris. Poet and editor. I first met Pierre at the Objectivist conference at Royaumont in 1989. He did a simultaneous trnaslation of my talk on Charles Reznikoff (later published as "Reznikoff's Nearness." (Pictured here with Karl Rakosi.) Pierre went on to edit, with Olivier Cadiot, in the mid-1990s, the literary sensation, Revue de littérature générale. His first book in English translation was published by Douglas Messerli's Sun & Moon Press: Narural Gaits, translated by Cole Swenson (and available as a pdf here).  He has a book forthcoming in December, also translated by Swenson, In the StreetHere is what I wrote for that:

'Reznikoff's Nearness'

Recording of 1989 Royaumont talk, intro Hocquard, tr. Alferi

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