Ted Greenwald's "Voice Truck," part of Gordon Matta-Clark's Open Space (1972)

reconstruction of a related Matta-Clarke's work

In May 1972, the artist Gordon Matta-Clark installed a dumpster in front of 98 Greene Street in Soho (Manhattan). The work was called both "Open Space" and "Dumpster." The Dumpster was filled with construction debris and other material, formed into three corridors. For Ted Greenwald's contribution to the installation, he created a special audio work. Greenwald installed a tape recorder on the delivery truck for the Village Voice, his long-time day job. Six reels were recorded. One of the tapes, featuring the most dramatic action of the day, was stolen from the cab of the truck: in the middle of Times Square, mounted police galloped up to a subway entrance, tied their horses to the entrance, and ran down into the subway. The other five reels survived and are being made available by PennSound for the first time (one of those cassettes is listed below in two parts). 

MP3 #1
MP3 #2 
MP3 #3
MP3 #4 
MP3 #5 
MP3 #6 

For a discussion of "Open Space" see  Gordon Matta-Clark: Art, Architecture and the Attack on Modernism by Stephen Walker

Note: the image above and the video are reconstructions of the Matta-Clark work not images from Greenwald's "Voice Truck." They are used here to give some sense of the context of Greenwald's work.