Bruce Andrews & Charles Bernstein Live at The Stone, April 12, 2014, NYC: MP3

for B=U=R=R=O=U=G=H=S at 100

As part of The Stone's Burroughs@100 festival L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E co-founders Bernstein and Andrews  performed  at John Zorn's concert hall on New York's Lower East Side. 

1. Introduction by Bernstein, (1:58): MP3
2. Andrews: Table of Contents  to Andrews's I Don't Have Any Paper So Shut Up (read with Bernstein); second part of "I Guess Work the Time Up" from Give Em Enough Rope. (30:52): MP3
3. Bernstein: "The Lie of Music" for John Zorn at 60 (read with Andrews), "My Father Would be a Yarn Salesman," "Totally Unexceptional," "Morality," "S'i' fosse" "Elfking," "Drambuie," "Fare Thee Well" (36:00): MP3
4. Andrews and Bernstein read simultaneously from passages they selected from William Burrough's Nova Express and The Ticket that Exploded. (8:30): MP3

photo: ©2014 Susan Bee