Open Letter: Steve McCaffery issue

Breakthrough Nostalgia: Reading Steve McCaffery Then and Now
guest-edited by Stephen Cain
Open Letter, Fourteenth Series, Number 7, Fall 2011

Stephen Cain: Introduction

Geoff Hlibchuk: “Dark ’Pataphysics: The Necropoesis of Steve McCaffery”
Stephen Voyce: “Steve McCaffery’s Kommunism”
Gregory Betts: “Becoming Clinamen: McCaffery and the (new) York school of writing”

Tim Conley: “The McCaffery Dictionary”
Jason Starnes: “`A peak to descend from into language’: Seeing Versus Reading in Steve McCaffery’s Spatial Poetics”
Alessandra Capperdoni: “Theorizing the Letter: Steve McCaffery’s Writing as Analytic Discourse”
Jean-Jacques Lecercle: “Narrative has done much harm: The Deleuzian poetics of Karen Mac Cormack and Steve McCaffery”
Matt Carrington: “The Teachable and the Taut: Tensions around the Teaching and Canonicity of Steve McCaffery’s “Teachable Texts”

Lori Emerson: “A Brief History of Dirty Concrete by Way of Steve McCaffery's Carnival and Digital D.I.Y.”
Andy Weaver: ““the white experience between the words”: Thoughts on Steve McCaffery’s Carnival, the second panel: 1970-75”
Christian Bök: from “Two Dots Over a Vowel”

Derek Beaulieu: "Visual Alan Halsey: The Clinamen Transfigured”
Peter Jaeger: “Bring Back the Future: A Steve McCaffery Chronology”

Steve McCaffery: “Parapoetics: A Soft Manifesto for the Nomad Cortex” Steve McCaffery: New Poems

Cover Image: “Untitled” by Steve McCaffery from Broken Mandala (1974)