Bobbie Louise Hawkins: Home movies of Robert Creeley and company

Olson, Creeley, Wieners

Bobbie Louise Hawkins took these home movies from 1962 to 1965. She provided them to Robert McTavish for his film about the Vancouver poetry conference of 1963, The Line Has Shattered (2013), and then asked McTavish to send them to PennSound.  Penelope Creeley and McTavish provided most of the annotations. We welcome any further identifications: let us know! 

© 2014 Bobbie Louise Hawkins. Made available on PennSound for noncommercial and educational use only, with the permission of Bobbie Louise Hawkins.  Link to PennSound.



0:05 Kirsten Hoeck Creeley, Robert Creeley, John Chamberlain. Children most likely Chamberlain's, with his first wife, who died in New City, up the Hudson from NYC
1:31 Chamberlain
1:48 Chamberlain child Jesse (?)
2:24 Kirsten in yellow party hat.
3:03 Nora Hall (?), Bobbie's mother
3:29 Chamberlain sculpture on wall
4:29 Charles Peter Olson, with Creeley and Charles Olson, in Gloucester
10:31 Flash of John Wieners
10:57 Olson, Creeley, Betty Olson, Kirsten C, John Wieners
11:40 Creeley, Olson, Wieners
12:13 Boy playing with crabs: Mario Cardone, the landlord's son.
12:31 Betty and Kirsten
12:37 Betty and John Wieners
12:59 Kirsten on swing
12:34 'Wake Robin', name of cottage, belonging to Creeley's Aunt Bernice on Lake Winnepesaukee, NH.
13:29 On porch Genevieve Jules Creeley, Creeley's mother, and her sister Bernice (in glasses).
14:36 Creeley and black VW
15:14 Bobbie Creeley red shirt unknown
16:29 Sarah Creeley wearing yellow hat.
16:39 Kirsten Creeley wearing glasses. piggyback + (?) Dorn kid.
[Brakhage, Dorn, Tallman footage from Creeley's year teaching at UBC]
17:10 Ed Dorn
17:14 Warren Tallman
17:17 Creeley
18:13 Ed Dorn, Helene Dorn
18:20 Toddler in red sweater = Kate Creeley (?) at Stanley park, Vancouver BC
19:46 Ellen Tallman, Warren Tallman, Helene Dorn
19:57 Stan Brakhage talking with Ed Dorn.
20:05 Helene Dorn
20:22 Roy Kiyooka
21:17 Dorn kid
21:21 Box Robert and Bobbie brought from Guatemala. There were 2.
21:36: Brakhage asleep on the couch at 21:36.
21:59 Allen Ginsberg
22:00 - 35:15 at the Vancouver poetry conference in 1963
22:00 - 25:50 are at a house in North Vancouver, owned by the parents of a student. The people there are Ginsberg, Philip Whalen, the Creeleys, the Tallmans, Duncan and Jess, Olson, Fred Wah and Pauline Butling, and the woman in sunglasses was another student, Rosemary Proust. Levertov had not yet arrived and McClure and Wieners were not there either.
23:24 Robert Duncan (red shirt)
24::07 Mike McClure
24:13 Denise Levertov
24:19 Warren Tallman
24:32 Denise Levertov
24:37 Ellen Tallman
24:46 Olson, Duncan
25:30 Bobbie Creeley, John Wieners
28:29 The backyard poetry reading with Ellen Tallman. In the pan, New Yorkers Carol Berge (28:34), John Keys (29:15).
29:22 Vancouver poet Gerry Gilbert
30:09 Pan: Clark Coolidge and Michael Palmer talking
30:25 Parade to mark Levertov's departure from her week in Vancouver
30:26 Duncan and kid, Ginsberg and Levertov, Creeley and Ellen Tallman (Warren Tallman behind)
30:37 Levertov waving. kids on circle swing. Sarah Creeley, Kate Creeley in red sweater.
31:10 Duncan, Ginsberg, Creeley morning discussion
31:55 leaving this discussion
33:01 to 35:14 Last of Vancouver conference, Chinese dinner out. Opening shot is Don Allen, who came for a day or two at the end. Tallmans, Creeleys, Olson, Whalen, and Jerry Heiserman (later Sufi "Hassan") were also there.
39:20 Sarah Creeley.
40:08 Kirsten diving. The dog is Brodie, a St Bernard who appears later too. The family was living in Placitas at this stage, but down on the road into the village, opposite the church (not in the house they were soon to buy from Augustine Stoll, using as money the proceeds from Creeley's first reading tour for For Love). Brodie was hit by a car at 18 months, with serious injury to his rear leg. He was unable to recover properly, could not sustain his weight, had to be put down.
42:08 Creeley and John Chamberlain
42:45 George (Jorge) Fick , Black Mountain friend and artist living in Santa Fe, married to Cynthia Homire.
44:30 Chamberlain and his first wife, at their house in Santa Fe
50:36 Creeley first rented house in Placitas. person unknown.
52:12 Lawrence Ranch, Taos, NM. Denise Levertov and Mitch Goodman.
54:54 Mike McClure
56:14 Joanna McClure
56:30 Gary Snyder. This is taken in the house Creeleys had just bought in Placitas.
57:35 Gary Snyder, Don Allen
58:35 Don Allen
58:39 Cynthia Homire Fick
58:49 Fielding Dawson's wife Barbara. Fielding and Barbara were on their honeymoon.
58:55 Jorge Fick
59:58 Sarah C, Jorge Fick
61:28 Fielding Dawson
62:37 Jorge Fick
63:53 Brodie, at the first Placitas house.
66:30 Jonathan Williams Robert Ronald Johnson
68:36 Stan and Jane Brakhage, Placitas kitchen
71:06 Stan, Jane, Sarah, Spot
72:20 and following is footage showing the Fugs visiting Placitas in the fall of 1965 in their VW van. Footage is all out-of-doors
72:20 Steve Weber (guitarist) and Tuli Kupferberg by the Fugs VW Van
72:34 more Steve Weber and Tuli Kupferberg
72:38 Ed Sanders cleaning the lens turret for his Bell and Howell 16 mm camera and Fugs driver, musician Lee Crabtree on the right
72:48 Bob Creeley with Ed Sanders and Steve Weber by the VW Van
73:23 Kuperferber
73:11 Weaver, Kupferberg, Bob Creeley    
73:08 Ken Weaver (Fugs drummer, red coat) with Tuli Kupferberg   

73:11 Weaver, Kupferberg, Bob Creeley  
73:23 Kuperferberg 
73:42 Sanders 73:51 Weaver playing harmonica  
74:12 Miriam Sanders holding 18 month old daughter Deirdre 
74:30 Ginsberg lying down 
74:40 Peter Orlovsky 
75:00 Creeley and Ginsberg passing a joint 
75:05 Orlovsky 
75:30 Peter and Bobbie dancing 
77:26 Gregory Corso (?) who has racoon
78:21 Allan Marlow, Diane di Prima(?)
78:34 RB Kitaj, painting Robert's portrait. At Kitaj's house in Dalston, London? His first wife, who died. Kitaj painting ‘In Berlin' ?
81:41 This ghost figure appears in Kitaj/Creeley 'A Sight' .
83:03 Peter Quartermain (?)
83:14: John Cage and Merce Cunningham
Niagara Falls sequence Robert Indiana in red, Bill Katz tall with sideburns 
89:00 Creeleys rented house in East Eden NY, Indiana and Bill Katz
89:50 Ron Loewinson (with mustache next to Duncan)
89:69 Robert Duncan, Jess (?)
92:30 Ed and Helene Dorn, their kids ? Essex, when Ed was teaching there.
93:00 London
94:22 Alex Trocchi
95:54 Car sequence Passengers unknown: the man with the chipped front teeth is an English poet. Sarah with bubblegum, Kate and Spot.







Olson, Duncan



John Cage

Tuli Kupferberg

Ed Sanders

[screen shots by Ch.B.]