A very Raworth Christmas (card)

with Tom Raworth's commentary

A couple of future robots look puzzled in the foreground; the left-hand one's eyes are two Hadron Colliders. A young Bin Laden crouches beside one of the Whiteshirts looming over some Occupiers also being threatened by Ghaddafi's golden pistol. Daddy Warbucks surveys the scene while Amy Whitehouse looks over her shoulder as two London Rioters carry their loot towards the drain pipe Ghadaffi was discovered in. On the wall above is the Goldman Sachs reminder and the grey object is the recent photograph of the first millisecond of an atomic explosion. Above is the drone recently brought down by the Iranians. The sky also instructs us to BUY as buzzards fly and two vultures perch on the ruins. The Guernica bulb has been replaced by one of the new "energy efficient" ones which leave you in the dark for three minutes before they glow. Below that is the boat deposited on the house in Japan after the earthquake. DSK peers, disturbed at his usual activities, from the window. From the other window Stephen Hawking floats out. The church clock of course is permanently at ten to three. Beneath them the Magi (No Jobs, No Cash, No Hope) are attacked by a London policeman. A ragged child follows the stink of Cameron and Osborne's election bus, inherited from Planters Peanuts (label changed to reflect their current status), on which is the new Tory slogan. The wall graffiti is obvious. Bottom right, the infant Jesus is casually peppered by Lt.Pike of Davis. I think I put the World Rugby Cup in there somewhere, and replaced the cop's badge with a pig's head. Probably some other stuff I've forgotten.

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