Daphne Marlatt on Close Listening

Photo: Charles Bernstein / PennSound

Daphne Marlatt talks to me about Vancouver as place and theme in her writing, poetry as documentary, the long poem as a fluid form for the lyric, poems as novels and novels as poems, drift and double consciousness, verbal language as and in the body, feminist poetics and writing “in lesbian,” the possibilities for love poetry, and the after-effects of her move from Malaysia to Canada when she was nine.

@PennSound (29:42): MP3

Daphne Marlatt’s Selected Writing: Net Work was published in 2010 by Talon books. She coedited three key Canadian poetry magazines: periodics, Tessera, and TISH. Her poetry collections include Steveston, Liquidities: Vancouver Poems Then and Now. Her novels include Ana Historic and Taken. This Tremor Love is a 2001 collection of love poems spanning twenty-five years. Some of her essays are collected in Readings from the Labyrinth (1988). Her new book from Talon is Reading Sveva, a response to the life and paintings of Sveva Caetani.