Poetics versus philosophy symposium at Texas A & M University, April 11-13, 2013

Eduard Espina, symposium organizer, with Diane Rolnick, José María Antolín, Óscar Berrio, Theodore George, Kristi Sweet, Laura Mandell, Jorge Vanegas

Poetics Versus Philosophy: Life, Artifact, and Theory
Texas A & M University,
April 11,12,13, 2013

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launch of
Marjorie Perloff
La Escalera de Wittgenstein
Charles Bernstein
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E ¡CONTRAATACA! Poéticas selectas (1975-2011)
ed./tr. Heriberto Yepez,et al., intro. Eduardo Espina,

Since Plato, the controversy between poetry and the philosophical project has been legendary, repeated in multiple variations throughout history until the present day. This initial antagonistic gesture by the ancient philosopher against poets, can perhaps lead us to expand our range of reflection about crucial topics today, regarding for example; the semantic and syntactic mysteries of artistic and scientific artifacts, or the imaginary value that dwells within theoretical speculation. Creating an interdisciplinary dialogue between fields such as art and architecture, philosophy, political and natural sciences, poetical and literary studies is unavoidable. The unresolved ancestral conflict between poetry and rational knowledge must be restated in the XXI Century, and serve as a metaphor around which this symposium is conceived.

Marjorie Perloff – Keynote Speaker
Invited Speakers: Charles Bernstein, Ida Vitale, Robert Anthony Siegel


Julio Aguilar. Leslie Marie Aguilar. Mariana Alegria. Alethia Alfonso. José María Antolín. Sergio Badilla. Jennifer Bates. Caleb Beckwith. Albert Bendixen. Charles Bernstein.  Anadeli Bencomo. Clayton Bohnet. Diana Boros. Stephen CaffeyNicolas De Candia. Marcos Canteli. Ernesto Carrión. Raul Carrillo-Arciniega. Tanya Clements. Jaime Concha. Samuel Cooper. Manuel Cortés-Castañeda. Carlos Cuadra. Mabel Cuesta. Richard Curry. Steffy Couch. Pablo de Cuba. Arturo Dávila. Ángel Díaz Miranda. Isabel Díaz. Xavier Echarri. Eduardo Espina. Edgar Garcia. Andrés Fisher. Romina Fresche. Theodore George. Cristián Gómez. Gerardo Gonzalez. Loren Goodman. Paul Guillién. Ana Guillot. Carlos Adolfo Gutiérrez Vidal. Weiling He. Natalie Houston. Angélica J. Huizar. Karla Kelsey. Carly Kragthorpe. Giancarla Di Laura. Rebecca van Laer. Alain Lawos Sukam. Eduardo Llanos. Jerome Loving. Román Luján. Alessandra Luiselli. Greg Lynch. Laura Mandell. Karina Maccio. Marianella Machado. Enrique Mallén. Cecilla Maugeri. José Antonio Mazzotti. John J. McDermott. Mark McGraw. Christine Murray. Jorge Monteleone. Hugo Montero. Jake Nabasny. John Nichols. Óscar Berrio. Paula Park. Eduardo E. Parrilla. Marcelo Pellegrini. Majorie Perloff. Benito del Pliego. Anton DuPlessis. Julio Prieto. Jessica Prinz. Bruno Ríos Martínez de Castro. Armando Roa. Diane Rolnick.  Alejandro Rosales. Maythe Ruffino. Martin Scully. José Ramón Ruysánchez. Gustavo San Román. Rose Mary Salum. Róger Santiváñez. Jorge Santos Caballero. Matthew S. Sachs. Jorge Saucedo. Robert Anthony Siegel. Stefan Sencerz. Ellen Shuman. Jeff Sirkin.  James Staig. JeFF Stumpo. Kristi Sweet. Louis Tassinary. Emily Thurman. Osvaldo de la Torre. Juan Carlos Ureña. Juan Carlos Villavicencio. Ida Vitale. Diego A. Von Vacano. Jorge Vanegas. Marcos Wasem. Ximena Williams-Olivera. Miguel Ángel Zapata.

 Topics for discussion
The hidden political character of poetic and artistic invention
New horizons in aesthetics
Scientific and artistic artifacts helping us to understand the complexity of life
Poetics of avant-garde cinema and visual thinking
Reception of American poetics in Spanish writing
Reception of Hispanic poetics in American writing
Aesthetic theory and philosophy of art in the Spanish language
The nature of the artist´s meditation
Utopia and possibility of unification of human knowledge
New sources of architectural thinking
Poetical a priorities in theoretical models
Authors on authors
Translation and Trans-creation
Exile and artistic thinking on displacement
Pedagogy of creative thinking and writing

The Department of Hispanic Studies
Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities
Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture
Department of Philosophy
College of Architecture
Department of Engliss
Leland T. Jessie W. Jordan Institute for International Awareness

Symposium website: http://dhsym13.tamu.edu