"Postmodern Poetries" anthology ed. Jerome McGann

1990 "Language Poets" issue of "Verse"

Verse cover (detail)

Postmodern Poetries:
An Anthology of Language Poets from North America and the United Kingdon

edited by Jerome McGann


Volume 7, Number 1
Spring 1990

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courtesy PEPC Library. see also at PEPC:
•Charles Bernstein, ed.,  "Language Sampler" in Paris Review 1982:  single pdf scan of issue (also at Eclipse)
•Ron Silliman, ed., Realism: An Anthology of 'Language' Writing, Ironwood 20 (1982)
•Bernstein, ed. 43 Poets (1984), special issue of boundary : pdf of full issue
•Bruce Andrews & Charles Bernstein, eds, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Lines (1988) [pdf]

Jerome McGann Introduction 6
Lyn Hejinian Oblivion 9
Alan Davies The New Sentence 13

By Inference 14

Literature, so boyish 14

The leaf is death 14
Tom Mandel Poussin 15

Gray May Now Buy 17
Peter Seaton An Ethics of Anxiety 18
Christopher Dewdney The Beach 20

The Theatre Party 21
Karen MacCormack Hazard 22

Export Notwithstanding 22
D. S. Marriott Leben 23
Jessica Grim from Rodework (Part II nos. 2, 3, 5) 25
Stephen Rodefer Desire 27
Carla Harryman from The Words 29
Nick Piombino 9/20/88 – 9/2/89 30
Jon Mack Voice a Verse or What 32
Barrett Watten from Under Erasure 33
Peter Inman from "Dust Bowl" 35
Rae Armantrout Making It Up 37

Retraction 38
Jeff Derksen Mister (from Redress) 39
Bob Perelman Neonew. A Sequence 41
Larry Timewell from Ruck 44
Tina Darragh "bunch ups" (selections) 46
Tom Raworth [six untitled pieces] 48
David Bromige Romantic Traces 50
Kathryn MacLeod from "mouth-piece" 52
Kit Robinson A Mental Finding 54
Bruce Andrews Facts are Stupid Things 58
Steve McCaffery A bridge is the passage between two banks 61

Codicil 62
Ron Silliman from Toner 64
Susan Howe from "Nether John and John Harbinger" 66
Charles Bernstein Debris of Shock/Shock of Debris 69