Biuro Literackie readings (2020)

For the launch of my collection, published by in Poland, I made a set of videos in Truro (Cape Cod) on August 22, 2020. I had to cancel my visit due to covid, although the literary festival was not cancelled and the videos were projected. My thanks to Kacper Bartczak for his translations, the capstone of years of correspondence; and to Susan Bee, video camerman. 

The book: Świat w ogniu: wiersze i przemowy [World on Fire: Poems and Speeches), tr. Kacper Bartczak (Poland: Biuro Literackie, 2020):

Introduction(00:27): MP4
Every True Religion is Bound to Fail (01:17): MP4
Johny Cake Hollow (01:04): MP4
Johnny Cake Hollow alt. take (01:04): MP4
Mall at Night (01:05): MP4
On Election Day (04:09): MP4 & YouTube (another video and text here)
Thank You for Saying Thank You (02:39): MP4
A Theory's Evolution (01:35): MP4
Won't You Please Give This Poem to Someone Who Needs It (01:17): MP4

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