Readings and lectures in Warsaw, Lodz, Berlin

Friday, November 21, 8pm, Berlin

launch for  Angriff der Schwierigen Gedichte (Lux Books)
with translators Tobias Amslinger, Léonce W. Lupette, Norbert Lange & Mathias Traxler

Tues., November 25, 1:30pm, Lodz
University of Lodz, Institute of American Studies, Department of American Literature
Faculty of Philology, UL, Room A4
"The Pataque(e)rical Imagination: Midrashic Antinomianism and the Promise of Bent Studies."

Thurs., November 27, 4pm, Warsaw
American Studies Center, University of Warsaw
"Pitch of Poetry: Moral Perfectionism, Occupy Wall Street, and the Poetics of Holocaust Representation" 

Friday, November 28, 5pm,  Lodz
Dom Literary Center 
Lodz ul. Roosevelt 17, Dom Literatury
Bilingual poetry reading, tr. Kacper Bartczak