Live at the Berlin Poetry festival

photo by Susan Bee
My reading at the Berlin Poetry Festival on May 25, 2018, opening poems of first night:
“Ballad Laid Bare (By its Devices Even)” (11:59): MP3 and text (from Critical Inquiry blog)
“Our United Fates” (4:52): MP3 and text (from The A-Line)
short video clip of the reading by Andrea Boegner:  MP4
Full reading (16:52): MP3

Both poems forthcoming in Near/MissRecordings by Mathias Traxler

Norbert Lange and I read our collaboration “Apoplexy/Apoplexie” (also forthcoming in Near/Miss) as part of our conversation on May 26, 2018 (21:14): MP3

After the conversation, at Giraffe, Mathias Traxler tooks this picture of Norbert Lange, John Beer, Susan Bee, Robert Golinski, and friends.