Bernstein and Olsen at Artists Space: videos

Segue Series, Nov. 20, 2021

Photo by Susan Bee.

Full reading at Artists Space: Geoffrey Olsen and Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein
full Bernstein reading (39:04): 
mov and mp3
Introduction by Lonely Christopher
from The Course
Sunday Kind of Love (8;44): mp3 and mov
from Topsy-Turvy (11:10): mp3 and mov
Zeno’s Way
Freudian Slap
The Aunt of My Uncle
You Throw Like a Pearl
Somewhere Between
At Pessoa’s Grace
Buster Keaton’s Sleave
Ars Impotens
Clouds After Rain
The Darkness He Called Night
Steve Dalachinksky
uncollected (9:11): mp3mov
Fixing the Bishop’s Nose
My Mom Will Pay You on Venmo
Twilight of the Gods (1:51): mp3 & mov
Near Sleep
Catullus 5