Ted Greenwald: In conversation on Close Listening

photo © 2007 Charles Bernstein/PennSound
photo © 2007 Charles Bernstein/PennSound
Close Listening

Program 2:  (37:13) MP3
recorded Sept. 12, 2011
Greenwald talks to Charles Bernstein about being a young poet from Queens in the 1960s, how the mind takes orders from the brain, the relation of the art world to the poetry world, and about revisions, form, style, and vernacular practice.

Ted Greenwald’s many books include In Your Dreams, 3, Two Wrongs, The Up and Up,  and Jumping the Line. His most recent book is CLEARVIEW LIE, a memoir just out from Angel Hair.

Program One was recorded in 2005
Entire Program One (Reading) (27:48): MP3

From Common Sense:
Goes On (0:34): MP3
The Pears are the Pears (0:29): MP3
Straight On Bearing Left (0:38): MP3
Airy Rushes Punch (0:41): MP3
Complete Balancing Weather (0:37): MP3
Seated on the Back (0:44): MP3
The Book I Toss (0:23): MP3
Last Five Minutes (0:26): MP3
Anyway - 32 short poems (8:50): MP3

    From In Your Dreams:
    Out of Town (1:58): MP3
    You Maybe Only (2:05): MP3
    Speaking Of (1:35): MP3
    Empty Orchestra (1:30): MP3
    You Never Asked (1:50): MP3

    From Common Sense:
    Whiff (2:20): MP3
    One Foot in the Other World (0:04): MP3