Wake Forest University Reading, Oct. 25, 2022

audio and video

Reading at Wake Forest, introduced by Amy Catanzano
55 minutes 35 seconds on PennSound

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(with thanks to Julian Semilian)

Set list
Poems Requested by Amy Catanzano
Thank You For Saying Thank You (Girly Man)
This Line (Republics of Reality)
The "Why I Am Not a" series: Christianm Buddhist, Atheist, Meditate, Hippe
Solidarity Is the Names We Give to Things We Cannot Hold (My Way)
How I Became Pre-Human (Near/Miss)

from Topsy-Turvy (app. 22'48")
I's Song
If Sappho Were a UFO
A Poet Supreme
Before the Promise
Song Sparrow

New Poems: (app. at 36min)
Poem Beginning, Almost, with a Line by Duncan
The Father
Animals Are People Too
Shorter Russian Poem
Pathetic Falacy
People Are the Same the World Over
My Mom Will Pay You on Venmo
Capitalism Gaslighted Me
What Were You Saying about Althusser ... ?
Being and Nothingness
covid poem
Why Do You Love the Poem?
After Heine

Wanderers Nightong
Near Sleep
Catullus 5
Twilight of the Gods