'Short Course' by Ted Greenwald and Charles Bernstein, new from Chax Press

First publication from The Course, a collaboration I have been working on with Ted Greenwald since July. A beautiful edition from Chax, the book includes "Breaking News" ("Séance in triple meter"); "As You Know" ("Wishful clouds / Kind of affection / Scoop out night); "Still Life with Thought" ("Venuses, desperate"); "Too Late for Tears" ("It’s not the intent it’s the effect / Matters")' "Silent Seething" ("Not we, even more slowly, but you."); and "White Lightning" ("Hotdog bungees").

Designed, printed, & hand bound by Charles Alexander, letterpress covers in two colors. with hand painted image on each copy by Cynthia Miller. Limited to 104 numbered copies for sale, 26 lettered copies to the authors and artists.

More information, and to order, go to Chax Press.