Pierre Joris: Cartographies of the In-between, edited by Peter Cockelbergh

Nicole Brossard poem for Joris

Preface: Nicole Brossard, “Elsewhere and the Voice of Friendship,” a poem for Pierre Joris
Peter Cockelbergh,  Introduction

Litteraria Pragensia
ISBN 978-80-7308-370-0 (paperback). 420pp.

I. Filiations
Jennifer Moxley
Dérive-ations: Pierre Joris & the Drift of Tradition
Franca Bellarsi
On the Road of Nomadic Poetics: Pierre Joris and the Beats in Conversation
Christopher Rizzo
Essaying the Illiterary: Pierre Joris, Charles Olson and the Event of Writing
Dale Smith
The Newly American

US – Géographèmes (Joris in response to Cockelbergh)

II. En route
Robert Kelly
NOMAD: a Meditation on Pierre Joris’ Nomad Poetics
Louis Armand
Charles Bernstein in conversation with Pierre Joris
Close Listening
Corina Ciocârlie
Adrift. Travelling with Pierre Joris
Allen Fisher
Cogent Attention in the Work of Pierre Joris

Maghreb, Algeria – Géographèmes (Joris in response to Cockelbergh)

III. Spaces
Mohammed Bennis
Pierre Joris: an Arabic Islamic Turn in the Poem and its Thought
Clive Bush
Floating Right and Light: Poets, Pedagogy and the Spaces of Writing in the Twentieth Century
Jean Portante
Justification of the Margin: Luxembourg in the Poetic Work of Pierre Joris

 Luxembourg – Géographèmes (Joris in response to Cockelbergh)

IV. Trans|
Jerome Rothenberg
Working Together: an Essay on Collaboration and my Times With Pierre Joris
Christine Hume
“No True Voices:” Listening to Pierre Joris
Tony Baker
The Benevolence of Dust: Translation and the Wiping Out of Traces
Geert Buelens
Volumes of Ampersands. On the Poems for the Millennium Project
Nicole Peyrafitte
Pierre Joris: Bohaire de Mots
Marjorie Perloff
The Return of Luap Nalec: Pierre Joris “Translating” Paul Celan

UK, France, Germany – Géographèmes (Joris in response to Cockelbergh)

V. PoPoPo
Clayton Eshleman
Habib Tengour
The Trace and the Echo
Peter Cockelbergh
Justifying the Margins. On Pierre Joris’s Nomad Poetics
Alice Notley
Before Babel
Carrie Noland
Moving On or Homing-in: Pierre Joris between Schwitters and Heidegger and Celan
Abdelwaheb Meddeb
“The Wanderer,” a poem for Pierre Joris


Nicole Brossard
Elsewhere and the voice of friendship

in English the voice goes faster, the same voice
in French stretches out with other intonations
of voyage and vowels, sometimes an Arabic word floats
into the atmosphere so then memory
delivers passages of friendship
vast landscapes for nomadic alphabet
then suddenly the language needs small
obstacles with plurals and pronouns in translation

joris iris high risk joy


I can see how in bending he translates simultaneously
he laughs because life because he translates from Albany to Paris
between centuries he walks with thousand-words of etymology
from Berlin to Celan to Miles Davis toward other variations
each word moves him closer, moves him away
“the always elsewhere I stalk/ I push against
yet never/ touch.”
I can see how in bending he brushes simultaneously
against Jack Kerouac and it touches me too this language
on the road it comes all by itself this French
as in life it moves through “routes, not Roots”
eye-lashed syllables through which light hums

joris iris high risk joy

[Translated from French by Peter Cockelbergh]

Pierre Joris Reading from "Meditations on Mansur al-Hallaj"
Filmed & Edited by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte