Copenhagen & Oslo readings/conference

Caroline Bergvall, Christian Bök and I will be reading in Copenhagen and Oslo in the next weeks.We will be in Copenhagen for "Literature in the Expanded Field,"  University Of Copenhagen, Institute of Arts and Cultural Studies, Karen Blixens Vej 1, 21.5.54.

May 6 and May 7: Students' conference and Readings by Stiudents from The Danish Academy of Creative Writing. Dramasalen 21.5.54

May 7
13:45-13.55 Welcome and introduction/ Tania Ørum
13.55-14.25 Charles Lock ”Anne Blonstein: words and letters / the measure of space.”
14.25-14.55 Tania Ørum ”Danish Writers in the Expanded Field”
15.30-16.30 Charles Bernstein, "The Present of the Word"

READINGS Gyldendal, Klareboderne 3, København K.
19.30- 22:00
Welcome / Tania Ørum
Christian Bök
Ursula Andkjær Olsen
Lars Skinnebach
Anne Blonstein
Charles Bernstein
Cia Rinne
Caroline Bergvall

Dramasalen 21.5.54
12:00-12.05 - Welcome and introduction/ Tania Ørum
12.10-12.40 - Martin Glaz Serup "Documentary and pseudo-documentary in contemporary postproductive witness literature"
12.40-13.10 - Marianne Ping Huang Radiophonic space/place inprint/voice: on Charles Bernstein's "I'm speaking to you from Provincetown, Massachusetts" and Pia Juul's Radioteatret (2010)
13.10-13.30 - Martin Larsen "Zoom into the Butterfly Valley – Notes on the Sigma
14.00-15.00 - Caroline Bergvall "G/hosting practices: excavations, encounters, the role of writing today"
15.00-16.00 - Christian Bök "The Xenotext" presentation of ongoing work with genetically engineered poem

STOCKHOM, 6:30pm, May 10, at the Weld Gallery <via OEI>
OEI event