Train a comin': Poems from the Burmese resistance

Zeyar Lynn and Pandora

Zeyar Lynn: To Charles Bernstein

Lives will surely be lost, es
pecially the valued and valu
able ones' history returns as
his story's hysteria wisteria's
woe-begone wonders of mili
-tary mighteous myths the shit
will go on as the gold of the gul
lible the value of the valueless
the jus-tissed of the injusticed
The I of the many I I I s will not
be vanquished into many me
me me s WE may be killed and
the killing will not stop even if
the killers kiss their killed no
retribution no getting nowhere
to nought in a matrix of murder
ous mushrooming mounts I de
clare I in the form of the many
do die in deathless death as they
live in the death of life to reveal the
future hidden in the futile lives of tr
uth you frame the world as through
a world of righteousness as you live
in the wrold of wright and we go like
a flapped mirror floating on the moors
of might.

(Written in English, Feb. 3, 2021)
Zeyar Lynn: Poet's Statement
(rough translation from the Burmese)
Poetry, like any other art form, can only flourish if it has freedom. That freedom, let us say, is inextricably linked to the freedom of society.

As a citizen and as an individual, being a poet is a matter of national freedom. As blood flows to the heart.

That is why today poets, poets' unions, poetry groups, and lovers of poetry are united in the struggle for democracy, which is the foundation of the nation's independence.

The country’s freedom is the freedom of poetry. Poets will be free if the country is free. Poets will be free only if the poets are free.

That is why poets are now working with the people, and their own conscience, to stop the military dictatorship that is now reigning.

Liberation for Myanmar

Must win, must win
CDM movement [Civil Disobedience Movement]
Must win, must win
Democratic revolution
Must prevail

(Feb. 15, 2021)

(Zyar Lynn: My version of Bob Perelman's original 'China')
We live as easy prey for the empire. Numberless zero (that's us). They tell the generals what to do.
The guy who told the gang to stage a coup was very gong hsi but no fa tsai.
It's the year of the ox. We are boxed oxen billed for the kill.
If the brain you miss, aim at the heart.
The bullet blows your life off.
The bastard son rises also.
I'd rather the world not issue statements; Let us be killed in peace.
Die in front of your life.
A stepfather who points at the gun at least once every whim is a good stepfather.
The landscape is bloody-fucked.
The train sinks you in the drain.
Slippages in the slaughter.
Folks marching along vast stretches of emptiness, heading towards martyrdom.
Don't forget what your body looks like when you are nowhere around your body.
Cots in the nursery caged up like coots, gunned up and gunned down where the generation would normally be.
Even the flags flying at the UN make Myanmar a fucking farce.
If it's time to die we get bullets. They taste sweet to us. They Taste Sweet to us.
The guns are glowing. They point at us.
Pick up your body.
'Hey guess what?' 'What?' 'I've learned how to be shot and killed.' 'Damn! Why do some have all the luck? '
The person whose head exploded laughed at the bullet.
As the country fell, what could the world do? Scavenge for loot?
Slipped dreams.
The sniper looks great in uniform. And the flag looks fucked too.
Nobody enjoyed their own deaths.
Time to rise up.
But better get used to mayhem too.
Zeyar Lynn
20 Feb. Coup '21

(written in English)


"Every car has its own engine,"
Min Ko Naing said.
We hear the train a comin'.
Yellow spring leaves lie on the tracks.
Voices curse, making cacophonies.
Are you gonna run us down? Run me down? Run us down!
Trains will roar.
MR is Myanmar's people.
Bullets rain at midnight
But they won't make our trains kneel.
Hear the trains roar!
Without moving, they move.
Without starting the motor,
revolution's train is starting up,
We won't return to the old station,
we'll march to a new future,
with new tickets in our hands.
Then the train will roar.
Do you hear,
can you hear
the roaring train?
Endless cars are linked.
Here comes our train!
Hear the trains. They are our trains.
February 19, 2021
Translated by Ke' Su Thar & Ch. B.
Zeyar Lynn
The right to self-protection and self-defence.
We will not strike first but will retaliate in self-defence.
Junta-backed brutalities will not be accepted
with heads bowed.
We will do all we can to defend ourselves against police terrorism.
We will not go gently into the night of prison.
We are not 'anarchic mob' as the junta-run media falsely portray us nor do we cause any riot and looting.
Look who are actually doing this in broad daylight, police and soldiers unashamed of their uniforms.
Revolts and revolutions have always been the dynamos and engines of history.
Our Polis shall NOT be a police-state.
We do not expect saviours. We are SOS--- Save OurSelves.
We are the people against military dictatorship.
We shall not be vanquished.
We move forward. We sit. We run. We return. We move forward again.
We are mobile.
Not yet street-warriors but we soon shall be.
We choose in good faith to protect and defend ourselves.
We shall not be vanquished.

(written in English, Feb. 27, 2021)
Zeyar Lynn
Don't bow down and you won't bust your gut.
Cause when you bow down you do.
Translated by Ch.B. 
(Feb. 28, 2021)
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