Maggie O'Sullivan Salt Companion

The Salt Companion to Maggie O'Sullivan

This is a terrific collection about one of my favorite contemporary British poets. Useful both for detailed studies of O'Sullivan's poetry and poetics and as an opening into U.K. innovative poetry and the expanded field of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E. Overall, one of the most illuminating recent compendiums on contemporary poetics.

Maggie O'Sullivan and I will be reading together at the Poetry Project at St. Mark's, New York, on Weds.. Oct. 5.

Ken Edwards:  Introduction (pdf)
Charles Bernstein: Colliderings: O’Sullivan’s Medleyed Verse (html)
Peter Middleton: ‘Ear Loads’: Neologisms and Sound (Jacket2 pdf)

Mandy Bloomfield: Maggie O’Sullivan’s Material Poeticsof Salvaging in red shifts and murmur
Romana Huk: Maggie O’Sullivan and the story of
Peter Manson: A Natural History in 3 Incomplete Parts
Nicky Marsh: Agonal States: Maggie O’Sullivan and
a feminist politics of visual poetics
Poetry in Maggie O’Sullivan’s Palace of Reptiles
Marjorie Perloff: “The Saturated Language of Red”:
Maggie O’Sullivan and the Artist’s Book
Will Rowe: Preface to In the House of the Shaman
Robert Sheppard: Talk: The Poetics of Maggie O’Sullivan
Scott Thurston: States of Transformation: Maggie O’Sullivan’s ‘Busk, Pierce’ and Excla
Redell Olsen: Writing / Conversation with Maggie O’Sullivan
Nerys Williams: “My tend sees errant, Vulnerable Chanceways”: Maggie O’Sullivan’s House of Reptiles and recent American Poetics
Maggie O’Sullivan and Scott Thurston
cover photo by Charles Bernstein

Maggie O'Sullivan on PennSound

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