Gerrit Lansing on Close Listening

photos and video by Ernesto Livon-Grosman

Program One:
Gerrit Lansing reads selections from his collected poems, The Heavenly Tree / Northern Earth (North Atlantic, 2009)
(26:40): MP3

Program Two:

(55:43): MP3
Gerrit Lansing talks with Charles Bernstein, and guest Susan Howe, at Lansing’s house in Gloucester, Mass. Lansing, a close friend of Charles Olson, discusses the wild of Gloucester, the relation of the magic (and the magical) and the occult to poetic practice, Nerval, queer politics and the poetics identity, New York in the immediate postwar period, parapsychology at Harvard in the late 1940s, Gnosticism versus neo-Platonism, Jewish mysticism, and his connections with Henry Murray, Harry Smith, Alan Watts, Aleister Crowley, Carl Jung, and John Ashbery.

Recorded (witth video and photo) by Eresto Livon-Grosman on December 9, 2012. Produced and edited by Charles Bernstein.

Gerrit Lansing was born in Albany, New York, in 1928, and grew up in Northern Ohio. Educated at Harvard and Columbia Universities, he has taught at Bard College. For many years Lansing has lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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