Lila Zemborain's 9/11 poem: a video

Lila Zemborain and Lorenzo Bueno read from Rasgado/Torn, Zemborain’s 9/11 poem, recorded in 2021. Rasgado (Buenos Aires: Tse-Tse, 2006) is a poetic diary written by Lila Zemborain one year after 9/11. Lorenzo Bueno, her son, is the translator of the book. Additional translation by Rosa Alcala. The reading, presented by Rebel Road, was recorded in New York on August 25, 2021, twenty years after 9/11.

PennSound: mp4


Poet and critic Lila Zemborain (Argentina) is the Director of Creative Writing in Spanish at NYU. She is the author of several poetry collections: Abrete sésamo debajo agua (1993); Usted (1998); Guardianes del secreto (2002), translated into English as Guardians of the Secret (2009/2015); Malvas orquídeas del mar (2004), translated into English as Mauve Sea-orchids (2007); Rasgado (2006), translated into French as Déchiré (2013); El rumor de los bordes (2011); Diario de la hamaca paraguaya (2014); Materia blanda (2014); and the chapbooks Ardores (1989) and Pampa (2001).