Salt Companion to Charles Bernstein, ed. William Allegrezza

Publication Date: 25-Sep-12 | ISBN: 9781844714858 | Trim Size: 228 x 152 mm | Extent: 388pp | Format: Paperback / softback

William Allegrezza's introduction to the Compation via Poems and Poetics.

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“What we have here is the ideal Primer for the Gradual Understanding of Charles Bernstein: the coverage is wide, & all you need is “to be ready, not prepared.” You will not be asked to lounge on the couch as nobody remembers its colors, but the essays come in all colors, except sad. Enjoy, & then get back to the poems.” —Pierre Joris

“A major poet for our time — & then some – Charles Bernstein has emerged as a principal voice –maybe the best we have – for an international avant-garde now in its second century of visions & revisions. It is in celebration of this that the Salt Companion to his work appears here, to show him in a trajectory from an American-centered language poetry in the 1970s to an active & significant relation to a constantly renewing & expanding global poetry in which his singularity has played a vital role. What becomes clear in these pages is how his generosity of mind & spirit continues to enrich us all.
” —Jerome Rothenberg

William Allegrezza 1

Charles Bernstein Or An Insistence To Communicate
Caroline Bergvall 6

Either You’re With Us And Against Us: Charles Bernstein’s
Girly Man, 9–11, And The Brechtian Figure Of The Reader
Tim Peterson 11

The Cave Children Of New York Are Never Free
Miekal And 30

The Metaphysical Mouth And The Asylum Of The Everyday: Charles
Bernstein And Contemporary Continental Philosophy Of Language
Michael Eng 35

“Gazoop” Replaces “Is/Are” “In A Restless
World Like This Gazoop Gazoop”
Madeline Gins 55

Girly Men Ballads: (Il)Legible Identities In
Charles Bernstein And Gertrude Stein
Kimberly Lamm 57

That Poem For Charles Bernstein
Lars Palm 85

“Spectres Of Benjamin”: (Re)Presentation And (Re)
Semblance In Charles Bernstein’s Shadowtime
Steven Salmoni 86

What As Poetic
Steve Mccaffery 111

Taking On The Official Voice: Charles Bernstein’s Poetic
Sophistry And Post-Process Writing Pedagogy
Megan Swihart Jewell 114

From The Alphabet
Ron Silliman 134

Beyond The Valley Of The Sophist: Charles
Bernstein, Irony, And Solidarity
Paul Stephens 140

Poem For Charles
Ray Craig 169

To Think Figuratively, Tropically: Charles Bernstein’s Post-9/11
Grammar And Pragmatist Lessons In The Age Of Baudrillard
Jason Lagapa 172

Charles Bernstein’s Anti-Suburban Poetry
Peter Monacell 192

Some Nouns
Donald Wellman 207

From A Philosophy Of Poetry To Poetry As Philosophy:
The Dialectical Poetics Of Charles Bernstein
Carlos Gallego 208

Content’s Profusion: Noise, Interruption And Reverse
Peristalsis In The Poetics Of Charles Bernstein
Michael Angelo Tata 234

Charles Bernstein In Buffalo 1999–2004
Kristen Gallagher 261

Charles Bernstein’s Catalogue Poetry
Thomas Fink 269

Readdressing Constructivism And Conceptual
Art:Aspects Of Work Factured By Charles Bernstein
Allen Fisher 286

Circles From Which
Maggie O’sullivan 301

Visual Strategies: A Line, A Verse, Something On Paper
James Shivers 302

After Residual Rubbernecking (A Speculative Non-Serial Anti-Romance)
Erica Hunt 340

A Life, Spliced: On The Early Tapeworks Of Charles Bernstein
Michael S. Hennessey 344

Notes On Contributors 370
Credits 376
Acknowledgements 377

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cover photo by Emma Bee Bernstein