Espians: Issue 3 (free pdf)

free pdf of issue three

Editor-in-Chief: Ou Hong
Honorary Editors:
R. D. Gooder; Marjorie Perloff; J. H. Prynne                 
Executive Editor:
Li Zhimin
Board of Editors:
Charles Altieri; Daniel Albright; Charles Bernstein; Craig Dworkin; R. D. Gooder; Daniel Jernigan; Li Zhimin; Julia Lovell; Joyelle McSweeney; Ou Hong; Marjorie Perloff; J. H. Prynne; Claude Rawson; Joshua Scodel; John Wilkinson; Xie Ming; Zhang Yuejun; Zheng Jie.


J.H. Prynne
Fragrance and Anger in Milton's Paradise Lost /1

Li Zhimin
On Gu Cheng: Rise and Fall of a Fairy Tale /13

Zhang Pinggong
Sense and Sensibility: Understanding Hughes through Cave Birds / 25

Zheng Jie
Positioning Brecht's China in Western Intellectual Tradition /35

Liu Zhaohui
Emotion, the Enduring Content in Creeley's Poems /57

Justin Katko
Incredible Style /79

Li Zliimin
Editorial Memoir: A Promise /121

Ou Hong
Some Notes on EPSIANS /125

free pdf of issue three

pdfs of issues one and two: