Bernstein Optic Nerves videos

photo by Colin Still

In November, Colin Still filmed me reading several poems and interviewed me about the poems, as part of his Optic Nerve series on poets, including Amiri Baraka, Robert Creeley, and Jerome Rothenberg.

“As If the Trees by Their Very Roots Had Hold of Us” (from Senses of Responsibility) (3:53):  YouTube / PennSound MP4
“Contradiction Turns to Rivalry” (from Islets/Irritations) (4:46):  YouTubeMP4
“Reveal Codes” (from Dark City) (13:33): YouTube / MP4
“Of Time and the Line” (from Rough Trades) (2:19):  YouTube /  MP4
“Solidarity Is the Name We Give to What We Cannot Hold” (from My Way: Speeches and Poems) (4:57): YouTube / MP4
“This Line” (from All the Whiskey in Heaven) (1:10):  YouTubeMP4
“Report from Liberty Street” (from Girly Man) (10:37):  YouTubeMP4
Preface to Pitch of Poetry (6:49):  YouTube /  MP4
Alphabet Soup: Bernstein on Bernstein (28 min.):  YouTubeMP4 

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