Ken Edwards on Poetry/UK in the 70s, Moser on Introvert, Attack review, Caen pix

Maggie O'Sullivan and Bob Cobbing in 1985.
Maggie O'Sullivan and Bob Cobbing in 1985.

In "Good times, bad times," Ken Edwards discusses Robert Sheppard's new book, When Bad Times Made for Good Poetry and his own central work in the innovative poetry scene in the U.K. from the mid-70s to the mod-80s, while he was editing Reality Street. He also touches on the contemporary U.K. reaction to L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E.


Jill Moser on The Introvert


Jared Demick reviews
Attack of the Difficult Poems
in the new
Jivin' Ladybug


Collaboration and the Artist's Book at the University de Caen April 1, 2011.
(L to R) Charles Bernstein, Pascal Poyet, Raphael Rubenstein, Françoise Goria, Antoine Coron, Susan Bee, Bill Berkson, and Gervais Jassaud.
Photo: Kyle Schlessinger, from his blog.

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