The Capilano Review

Susan Bee & Charles Bernstein in BC early 1970s

Fall 2010 / 3.12
Fall 2010 / 3.12

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Susan Bee: COVER: Light in the Forest, 1973 oil on canvas, 19" x 26"

Andrea Actis. "But sometimes a sign's all you need": A Conversation with Susan Bee & Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein, Ruskin (earlier poems)

Susan Bee, In and Around BC: Paintings/Drawings/Sculpture

Meredith Quartermain, The Not Of What She Didn't Know

Antony Di Nardo, The Significance of September

Colin Browne, Microcosms

Heather Campbell, Three Poems

Nicole Brossard, Tressaillir / Quivering

from The Unmemntioable: Games of Chance

Paul William Zits, the three sons of the rock harmonicon

Jenn Angela Lopes, 23' 26, Recanting: to Sing Again

Aisha Sasha John, Two Poems from The Shining Material