New York Talk: 1984 series at Segue Foundation

series curated and moderated by Charles Bernstein

January 31, 1984
"Rewriting Society: Poetics, the Self, Ideology"
Bruce Andrews
(2:42:55): MP3
Discussion: Erica Hunt, George-Thérèse Dickenson, Doug Lang, Abigail Child, Chris Kraus, Ted Greenwald, Susan Howe, Edie Jarolim, James Sherry, Jeanne Lance, Sally Silvers, Craig Bromberg.

February 24, 1984
"My Emily Dickinson"
Susan Howe (2:04:37): MP3
Discussion: Charles Bernstein, George Butterick, Madeline Keller, Jeanne Lance, Lydia Davis, Edie Jarolim, Janet Chalmers, Eliot Weinberger, G-T Dickenson. Cut off question at end of Alan Davies question, "Why did Dickinson write?"

March 27, 1984
"If Words Had Meaning"
Alan Davies
(2:08:05): MP3
Discussion: Charles Bernstein, Michael Gottlieb, Susan Bee, G-T Dickenson, Saint Claire Cemin, Ellen Andrews, James Sherry, Johan Snitzer, Erica Hunt, Abigal Child, Connie Robbins, Sal Romano, Jeanne Lance, Peter Holland, Hannah Weiner.

April 22, 1984
"Blank and Other Relatives of Indeterminacy"
Arakawa and Madeline Gins (1:57:47): MP3

June 5, 1984
"On Writing as the Visual Representation of Language"
Johanna Drucker (2:15:21): MP3
Discussion: Mitch Highfill, David Abel, Bruce Andrews, Peter Frank, Alan Davies, Susan Howe, G-T Dickenson, Erica Hunt, Steve Benson

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