Adam Pendleton: 'Black Dada' (video portrait of Yvonne Rainer)

Yvonne Rainer and Adam Pendleton at Anthology Film Archive

Just Back from Los Angeles: A Portrait of Yvonne Rainer had its premiere tonight at Anthology Film Archive. From the program, excerpted from Performa Institute:

Begun in 2008, Black Dada is a conceptual paradigm for a body of work, which includes ideas, paintings, sculptures, wall works, videos, a manifesto, and a reader. Black Dada references social and historical conditions through the formal methods of conceptualism, producing a point of convergence — the artwork, which sieves and questions matters pertaining to the freedom of abstraction in language and visual art, the animating force of blackness, and the strategies of experimental avant-gardes. Black Dada instigates and relies upon the possibilities realized through the melding of contradictions and aligning of seemingly incommensurable parts, references, and forms.