'1–100' (1969)

1–100: MP3
The original title of this work was “1,100,” as I discovered when I stumbled on the original reel and box. Here is the text:


Full set of my  tape works at PennSound

Michael Hennessey on “Class.”

Counting Each Step of the Sun published, in 2009, an annotated version of "1-100" & a restaged version of "1-100" and "#4" by Danny Snelson, along with his transcription of "#4." This site no longer operating (orignal link), but TOC here, and individual files are here, e.g.:
•1-100 (remix/commentary) by Carl Lindh, Ola Ståhl & Peder Alexis Olsson: pdf
•Danny Snelson restaging of "1-100" & #4": MP3
•Snelson transcription of "#4"
•Snelson remix of "1-100": MP3
Recordings and transcription of 2009 Bernstein interview for Tapeworks

"Roundup Ready": Leslie Winer samples "1-100" (1969), with Christophe Van Huffel, from When I Hit You — You'll Feel It (Light in the Attic records): YouTube