Collaboration & the Artist’s Book: Paris reading (April 2, 2011)

Vincent Katz, Bill Berkson, Shirley Jaffé, Raphael Rubinstein, Susan Bee & Charles Bernstein

Poetry reading and visual art projection
Maison de la poésie, Paris

Poetry Reading 1: Vincent Katz, Olivier Brossard (translation)
Poetry Reading II: Bill Berkson, Vincent Broqua (translation)
Artists Speak: A conversation on collaboration (in French), with Shirley Jaffé, Peter Soriano, Barbara Montefalcone
Poetry Reading III: Raphael Rubinstein
Poetry Reading IV: (in French) Pascal Poyet & Françoise Goria
Poetry Reading V: Susan Bee & Charles Bernstein, Abigail Lang (translation)

Maison de la Poèsie
: Claude Guerre
Double Change:
Abigail Lang, Olivier Brossard, Vincent Broqua
Collaboration & the Artist’s Book
: Anca Cristofovici, Barbara Montefalcone
Meryem Delagarde (Video)
Terra Foundation for American Art
Université de Caen Basse-Normandie

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