BQH (Brooklyn-Queens High Line) for Citi of New York

As Michael Bloomberg leaves his 12-year reign as Mayor of New York, here are two suggestions for Bill de Blasio for continuing his predecessor’s legacy.

1. Convert the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) to the The Brooklyn-Queens High Line (BQH), as a tribute to city-planning visionary Robert Moses, who helped created the famous “stationary” expressway where drivers have ample time to take in spectacular views. Eliminating car traffic would enable tourists and natives alike to traverse the many mile of elevated roadway, with a unique angle on outer borough life and architecture. As laws evolve, the BQH could be an ideal center for recreational drug use.

2. Sell the naming right to the city and its five borough: Citi of New York (and its CitiHall), Chase Manhattan, Bill and Malinda Gates The Bronx, ExxonStatan Island, Continental Brooklyn, and Foxwoods Queens.