Hannah Weiner: poem for LeWitt, 1970 telegram work, letter for Acconci

Two new pieces for the Hannah Weiner Archive, courtesy James Meyer.  Weiner destroyed most of her work from this before the early 70s; the Weiner archive at UCSD has almost no letters by her.

See also Weiner's 1970 Radcliffe Alumni questionnaire (thanks to Kaplan Harris)

from the Lewitt collection.

Telegram to Athena Tacha Spear (1970).  Reproduced in Art in the Mind exhibition catalogue, Oberlin, OH, from Patrick Greaney's new essay,"Essentially the Same: Eduardo Costa’s Minimal Differences and Latin American Conceptualism" in Art Hisotry , Sept. 4, 2o14 (UK).

From  Liz Kotz: "Weiner is defending Acconci's work, which was going to be omitted from the Dwan Language IV, as she explains. She has said she will withdraw her work Excerpt from Harry and Bananas, if they don't show Acconci's work."