New Edition of Hannah Weiner's Clairvoyant Journal

Clairvoyant Journal 1974
is the first edition of the Clairvoyant Journal that follows the page design and format of Weiner's manuscript. For the first time, Weiner's spatial organization is kept intact. (In this work of "concrete prose," line breaks are retained). 

Clairvoyant Journal 1974 is based on the typescripts Early and Clairvoyant Journals and includes the entries dated February 23 to June 10.

Patrick Durgin provides an overview of the edition here.

Published in France by Bat in 2014 and edited by <o> future <o>.
<o> future <o> is conceived by François Aubart, Jérôme Dupeyrat, Charles Mazé, Camille Pageard, and Coline Sunier.
24 × 33 cm, 56 pages (9.5" x 13": a wide format book)
ISBN: 978-2-9540465-3-2

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