Snelson on Eclipse, Clay on Granary, Freeman on Drucker, ed Kyle Schlesinger, new ABR

American Book Review
Volume 34, Number 3
March/April 2012
a feature on bringing out-of-print materials back into view, including essays by Penn's own Danny Snelson on Craig Dworkin's Eclipse -- now on-line at Here is a pdf of Snelson's full article.">

Here is a pdf of Snelson's full article.

Lost & Found
Kyle Schlesinger's Introduction to Focus: FACSIMILIE (again)
Jed Birmingham's "The Archive of Interzone"
Danny Snelson's "Archival Penumbra"
Steve Clay's "The Dig" (on Granary Books reprints)
Brad Freeman's on the  reprint of Johanna Drucker A to Z
Megan Paslawski's "Publishing's Restorative Properties"