Rodolfo Hinostroza

Two poems from 'Contra Natura,' newly translated by Anthony Seidman

like a tympanum separates me from the rest / of things / the perfect equilibrium of the living / with dead bodies’ memory (R.H.)


Neeli Cherkovski, Charles Bernstein, and Paul Vangelisti in conversation (video)

Three alte kackers on books and late work

This video conversation was organized by Neeli Cherkovski and was taped on July 24, 2021, with Cherkovski in San Francisco, Paul Vangelisti in Los Angeles, and Charles Bernstein on Shelter Island (NY). New at PennnSound:
video (1:12): mp4
audio: mp3

Eliot Cardinaux

Poems and music from the forthcoming trio album 'Out of Our Systems' with a note by the author

Photo in concert at iBeam in Brooklyn, by Peter Gannushkin.
Photo in concert at iBeam in Brooklyn, by Peter Gannushkin.

“I am a poet of the lyric lineage, favoring the lucidly bent, bare syntax of George Oppen, & the strange torn-off clarity of Paul Celan. Mine are poems of compressed language, of a self folded in on itself. It has been said that there is a void in my work, & a trace left by other poets. That void might be filled or left be, at the edge of our correspondence.

I know what debris looks like

On Matt Longabucco's 'M/W' (UDP, 2021)

I came upon Matt Longabucco’s book of 2021 mostly by accident and could not stop reading its critical/personal prose poem sections. I had seen the film to which it is a thoughtful historical response but that was years ago. M/W: an essay on Jean Eustache’s La Maman et la Putain is a compelling — focused but also diffuse — response to the film, a great example of how in the field of contemporary poetics writers can contribute works of “close reading” (“close watching”?) that proceed from hybrid convergences of prose poetry, criticism, theory, contemporary politics, and personal reflection. Hilton Als, an admirer of the book (and that makes perfect sense), is right to describe this unusual work as containing “beautiful intensities.”

Bill Keith: EPC page

EPC Digital Library has four free PDFs of Bill Keith's books, as part of his  EPC author page: here.