Segmented audio from performances of Maggie Nelson's 'Bluets'

Thanks to the efforts of PennSound staff editor Luisa Healey, we are now able to make available segmented audio recordings of the numbered sections (propositions) of Bluets as performaed by Maggie Nelson at two readings.

I. from LA-Lit #21, March 11, 2007:

  • #52. (1:11): MP3
  • #53. (0:26): MP3
  • #54. (1:17): MP3
  • #55. (0:19): MP3
  • #56. (0:10): MP3
  • #57. (0:30): MP3
  • #58. (0:11): MP3
  • #59. (1:14): MP3

I. from the MFA Reading Series at Boise State University, April 26, 2013:

  • Opening Remarks (1:44):MP3
  • #204. (0:45): MP3
  • #205. (2:03): MP3
  • #206. (0:42): MP3
  • #207. (0:23): MP3

Jacket2's January 2019 reading period

Jacket2 welcomes unsolicited queries during the month of January 2019. 

Jacket2 welcomes unsolicited queries during the month of January 2019. We are especially (though not exclusively) interested in queries of the following kinds:

— Reviews of recent books or anthologies of poetics criticism and theory

— Reviews and articles devoted to poets and poetries outside the US

— Reviews, articles, or essays that put texts, authors, movements in conversation

— Coauthored reviews or essays

Near/Miss launches

New from University of Chicago Press: paper, cloth, e-book has also published an audiobook of my reading of the full work. 

Recordings of Near/Miss launches in New York, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia:

David Bromige: two new readings

David Bromiges reading for A. L. Nielsen’s Incognito Lounge, at UC Berkeley, on May 23, 1989, has now been segmented (by PennSound staff editor Luisa Healey). Here is the whole recording, and here are the segments:

Toward a poetry and poetics of the Americas (17): Adah Isaacs Menken

'Sale of Souls,' A poem with an accompanying commentary

[In the transnational assemblage of the Americas (“from origins to present”) that Heriberto Yépez and I are now composing, a wide range of English-language poetry will be positioned alongside the multiple languages spoken and/or written on the two American continents. As with the work of Adah Isaacs Menken (18351868), we will also be giving special attention to a number of earlier poets still awaiting recognition in whatever we take to be an American canon or pantheon.