Charles Bernstein

Tbilisi: video of my reading and visit plus my translation of poems by Paata Shamugia

with Paata Shumugia in Tbilisi

Video from my visit to the Tbilisi International Festival of Literature intercuts my reading of “Thank You for Saying Thank You” with a translation by, and conversation with, Paata Shamugia. Thanks to festival director Nuka Gambashidze. Video from Indigo, Georgian literary magazine.

7th CAAP Convention in Wuhan, December 2018

The Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics

The tenth anniversary conference of the Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics  will be held in Wuhan, China / December 7–10, 2018, hosted by Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China. Co-sponsored by Center for English Literatures of Central China Normal University, Foreign Literature StudiesInternational Journal of Poetry and Poetics, and Journal of Foreign Language and Literature 

Stanley Cavell (1926–2018)

Cavell at home, April 9, 2014. © Charles Bernstein

I met Stanley Cavell almost fifty years ago and he and his work have been constant companions since that time. I am grateful for his friendship and that of Cathleen Cavell, over all these years.

Live at the Berlin Poetry festival

photo by Susan Bee
My reading at the Berlin Poetry Festival on May 25, 2018, opening poems of first night:
“Ballad Laid Bare (By its Devices Even)” (11:59): MP3 and text (from Critical Inquiry blog)
“Our United Fates” (4:52): MP3 and text (from The A-Line)
short video clip of the reading by Andrea Boegner:  MP4
Full reading (16:52): MP3

Both poems forthcoming in Near/MissRecordings by Mathias Traxler

Beyond Metrical Prosody: Berlin conference

rhythmicalizer, a digital tool to identify free verse prosody

Thanks to Erik Redling and Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek for organizing Beyond Metrical Prosody: New Rhythms in US and German (Post-) Modern Poetry at Freie Universitat in Berlin. The lively discussion underlined the value of this German/American exchange. I was grateful to learn more about the poetry and short lives of Rolf Dieter Brinkman (1940–1975), as presented by Jan Röhnert, and Rainer Maria Gerhardt (1927–1954), presented by Agnes C. Müller. Brinkman translated O’Hara and Berrigan. Olson and Creeley wrote poems for Gerhardt (recordings on PennSound), the editor of FRAGMENTE, a prescient magazine that included them both: MP3 — Olson reading “To Gerhardt, There, Among Europe’s Things …” in Berlin in 1966 and MP3: Creeley’s 1956 reading of “For Rainer Gerhardt.”