All the Whiskey in Heaven: Selected Poems -- Salt Publishing UK edition

Salt Publishing has just released the British edition of All the Whiskey in Heaven.  Also available at Amazon/UK. While the text is the same as the U.S. edition, there is a new cover, with a painting by Susan Bee -- Blue Ladies (2006, 11 x 14") (collection: Michael Davidson).

“Charles Bernstein uses words as a surgeon uses a scalpel. He strips away the skin and cuts to the bone to reveal reality and—ultimately—to heal. This essential collection from 30 years of cutting edge work will confirm Bernstein as our true poet laureate—the voice of a new generation.” —John Zorn

More information about All the Whiskey in Heaven, including links to many reviews and interviews – here.

“This wonderful book confirms Charles Bernstein’s position as the pre-eminent American poet of mental activity—delineating not simply the mind as it registers stimuli, but the more radical commitment to mind as a machine that constantly invents totally new moves and strategies in the daily battles of perception. All the Whiskey in Heaven captures 30 years of ground breaking and revelatory work.” —Richard Foreman

“With All the Whiskey in Heaven, his first book not published by a university or independent press, Bernstein takes his place in the mainstream of American poetry, the very “Official Verse Culture” he’s attacked entertainingly for years — a fate awaiting all our best outsiders. Bernstein is identified with the Language poets, who emerged in the 1970s. Interested in the materiality of language, they are politically left, theoretically grounded and deeply suspicious of the lyric “I” that speaks from the heart in traditional poems without examining its own existence in a sociopolitical power structure. Their work is often most subversive when both joining and satirizing that weary old, dreary old genre, poetry about poetry. Early Bernstein can be opaque, annoying those who see difficulty as elitist and who want poetry to be cuddly and educational. But everyone should love the later Bernstein, a writer who is accessible, enormously witty, often joyful — and even more evilly subversive.” —Daisy Fried, The New York Times Book Review

Also just out: the Salt Companion to Charles Bernstein.