Allen Fisher on Close Listening

photo ©2019 Charles Bernstein

I recorded a Close Listening program with Allen Fisher on November 29, 2019, in London. We talked about the relation of decoherence and entanglement, both key terms for Fisher's collage aesthetic. Along the way, we addresses a constellation of topics, including source texts, pattern recognition, the political allegory of poetic space, performance,  and the relation of Fisher's painting to his poetry. 

(33:36): MP3

Allen Fisher is a British poet, born in 1944, and now living in Hereford. Place was published in various formats throughout the1970s. Gravity as a consequence of shape was a project that occupied his in the 80s and 90s. The Allen Fisher Reader: selections from poetry and other works, edited by Redell Olsen and Drew Milne, and An Allen Fisher Companion are both forthcoming from Shearsman. In 2016, The University of Alabama Press Modern and Contemporary Poetics series published Fisher’s Imperfect Fit: Aesthetic Function, Facture, and Perception in Art and Writing since 1950.

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