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1995, before Ear inn reading with Ann Lauterbach, photo © Lawrence Schwartzwald

Three Collaborations
•"Slowed Reason," collaboration with Piombino, March 28, 1990 at the Living Theater in NY (1:37):  MP3

•Jackson Mac Low's "Free Gatha 1,"  performed by Mac Low, Bernstein and Piombino at the same event (5:36):  MP3

•Ear Inn, January 9, 1988, from Legend with Bruce Andrews (10:59): MP3
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From an Auckland-New York video conference for Bad Language, organised by Artspace and the Jar Foundation, 11 July 2001. Auckland participants: Wystan Curnow, Leigh Davis, Tony Green
Full program (1:38:47): video/mp4
         Poem Composed for Jackson Mac Low, from With Strings (U of Chicago P, 2001).
         Thank You for Saying Thank You from Girly Man (U Chicago Press, 2006)
         Dear Mr. Fanelli from My Way: Speeches and
(U of Chicago P, 1999)

Ear Inn, with Ann Lauterbach January 4, 1992

(36:58):  MP3
1. Locks without Doors
2. 9:24 from The Subject
3. 24:20 "Dark City"

Radical New Jewish Culture Festival, curated by John Zorn, Knitting Factory, NYC - October 11, 1992
complete reading (42:29) MP3
Introduction (1:20): MP3
"Islets/Irritations" (from Islets/Irritations) (5:49): MP3
"Motion Sickness" (from Islets/Irritations) (5:20): MP3
"Sentences My Father Used" (from Controlling Interests) (12:28)  MP3
"March" (from Stigma) (1:40):  MP3
"Bought Off" (from Stigma) (1:20):  MP3
"Why I Am Not a Christian" (1:57):MP3
from "A Person Is Not an Entity Symbolic but the Divine Incarnate" (4:45):  MP3
"The Influence of Kinship Patterns upon the Perception of an Ambiguous Stimulus" (from Dark City) (6:38):  MP3

Ear Inn, with Leslie Scalapino, April 2, 1994
full reading (40:23): MP3

"Echo Off (Use Other Entrance)" (10:08): MP3

from Residual Rubbernecking (1995):
"Residual Rubberknecking" (1:29): MP3
"Are You Being Sarcastic?" (0:35): MP3
"Rivulets of the Dead Jew" (0:47): MP3
"Swelled by Certainty" (0:32): MP3
"Edlin" (0:32): MP3
"Revolutionary Poem" (0:26): MP3

"Sane as Tugged Vat, Your Love" after Leevi Lehto (2:14): MP3
"Nuclear Blanks" after Estaban Pujals (3:20): MP3
"Claire-in-the-Building" (4:20): MP3
"Low Regrets" (2:17): MP3
"Memories" (3:55): MP3
"Max Weber's Favorite Tylenol for Teething" (2:20): MP3
"The Republic of Reality" (7:39): MP3

from Defoe (13:55):  MP3
  1. from The Front Matter, Dead Souls (11:56):  MP3
  2. from Objects in the Terrying Tense / Longing from Taking Place (13:48):  MP3
Monterey, Mass., July 27, 1994

(1:33:34):   MP3
"Echo Off : Use Other Entrance"
"Pinky Swear Sonnet"
"Memories Custom Blinds"
"Buffalo Nights"
"Dear Mr. Fannelli"
"A Defense of Poetry"
"The Lives of the Toll Takers"
"Emotions of Normal People"

John Lowther reads four poem from Rough Trades (full text available on-line)
part of the Atlanta Poetry Group's new series of poets reading other poets.




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