Lost at Sea

uncollected Robert Creeley poem for May Day


Concerning a news item which reported
convicts breaking their own legs with
sledges, because they couldn't take any
more the treatment they were getting... 

All pull together now
because we're going to make it
over to that other
far side.

Don't cry, there'll be people
all around us, not the least thought
of any more being bothered,
or harassed by outsiders.

We'll all be in
there, fighting, we'll all sing
it and swing it,
a crazy night most assuredly.

 And when it's over, morning
will break on the beach
like a leg breaks
when a man can bring himself to hit it with a hammer.

Originally published in 1956 0r 1957 in the Glasgow little magazine The Poet, edited by William Price Turner. Discovered by Peter Manson and first published in A Fiery Flying Roule #23 (2012). Thanks to Eirik Steinhoff. © 2012 Estate of Robert Creeley.

The set of Roule pamphlets is on-line.

 A Fiery Flying Roule discovered this Associated Press piece from 31 July 1956: