Segue Distributing catalogs 1980-1993

I worked with James Sherry in establishing Segue Distributing in 1980.
I edited the initial set of catalogs (til 1986).

Click on covers to get pdf of full catalog
(courtesry the Digital Library at the Electronic Poetry Center)

The first catlog, from 1980, was designed (including cover) by Brita Bergland:

The catalogs from 1981 to 1986 were designed (and with covers) by Susan Bee:

1987 was again designed  by Brita Bergland. Many of the catalogs from this point on were edited by Andrew Levy.

The catlogs continued until 1993, including this UK supplement:

Click on covers to get pdf of full catalog

Segue Distributing catalogs continued to be published until 1993, when the service ended.
Deborah Thomas designed the catalogs from 1990-1993.

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