'T'-Space reading

On October 14, 2023, I received the 11th Annual 'T' Space Poetry Award at ‘T’ Space Reserve in Rhinebeck, NY. The event coincided with the opening of Giuliano Fiorenzoli’s exhibition “Because of seeing architecture” at ‘T’ Space’s newly completed Archive Gallery. As a result, I gave an architecture-themed reading. In addition to brief talks by Steven Holl and Fiorenzoli prior to my reading and award presentation, Nate Wooley performed an improvised set of inventive trumpet music afterwards.

Video: MP4 at PennSound & YouTube

Audio recording (and photographed) by Chris Funkhouser

Charles Bernstein. ‘T’ Space Rhinebeck, NY 14 October 2023

1. 0:00-1:09 Susan Wides introduction: MP3
2. 1:10-2:48 CB introduction / gallery walk: MP3
3. 2:49-6:45 excerpt from "The Book as Architecture": MP3
4. 6:46-10:59 "The Lie of Architecture": MP3
5. 11:00-13:38 "I am the shadow of poet Charles Bernstein” (from Poetry Has No Future Unless It Comes to an End: Poems of Artificial Intelligence, collaboration with Davide Balula): MP3
6. 13:40-20:58 sections from Charles Bernstein at the Oculus (collaboration
with Richard Tuttle): MP3
7. 20:59-22:20 "The Father": MP3
8. 22:21-23:51 "Psalm": MP3
9. 23:52-25:14 "Malediction": MP3
10. 25:15-26:14 “Mandelstam": MP3
11. 26:15-28:21 “Why Do You Love the Poem": MP3
12. 28:22-29:03 "Theodicy": MP3
13. 29:04-29:55 "What Were You Saying About Althusser Creating a Turn in Marxist Thought?": MP3
14. 29:56-31:31 "Wheat & Chaff Rhumba": MP3
Full recording: MP3

Two video clips by Susan Wildes:
from "The Father": mov
"The Lie of Architecture": mov