Cia Rinne on Close Listening

Cia Rinne was born in Sweden from a Finnish family and raised in Germany. She has studied in Frankfurt/Main, Athens and Helsinki. Rinne is the author of the books zaroum, and notes for soloists, as well as being a collaborator on numerous multimedia and performance works. The program was recorded on September 30, 2014.

Close Listening, with host Charles Bernstein

Program One
Rinne reads zaroumnotes for soloists, and a set of more recent works.
(34:24): MP3 (complete program)
zaroum:  (8:47) MP3 & discussion of the work: (1:09) MP3
notes for soloists: (11:43)MP3 & discussion of the work (1:13) MP3
new work: (10:06)MP3
Program Two:
Rinne in conversation with Bernstein on poetry and nationalism, the possibilities for a multilectical poetry,  and her work documenting Roma culture.
(30:23): MP3